Ganeshpuri Days Swami Shankarananda and Baba Muktananda

Ganeshpuri Days:

Memoirs of a Western Yogi

By Swami Shankarananda

A life-changing journey towards
higher Consciousness.

Ganeshpuri Days

In 1970, driven by a search for purpose and meaning, a young New Yorker leaves his promising academic career to travel to India seeking yogic wisdom. After many adventures, he arrives at the feet of the great Siddha master Baba Muktananda, in the holy village of Ganeshpuri. Here, he experiences the awakening of the kundalini energy.

With enthusiasm, sincerity and candid self-reflection, Swami Shankarananda depicts his profound relationship with his Guru and the inner voyage of his transformation. He takes the reader on a mystical journey in which he does battle with his ego and his own negative tendencies and connects with the inner divine energy. Under Baba’s guidance he emerges from a twelve-year apprenticeship as a knower of the Self and a Guru in his own right.

Ganeshpuri Days is a beautifully written account that will inspire readers to awaken to the true Self and fulfil their highest potential.

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… Other than Baba Muktananda’s own memoir, I haven’t found a book that depicts the Guru–disciple relationship and the process of sadhana as intimately and authentically as this one.

… All of your other books have brought me great insight and taught me wisdom, but Ganeshpuri Days is speaking directly to my heart. It’s an extraordinary experience for me, since I usually have difficulties accessing my heart. But I think your book and the profound and sweet devotion to Baba that radiate from every page are waking up my heart. It’s a feeling unlike anything I have experienced before.

– Brisbane, Queensland


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